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Anxious? Testosterone might be the answer

Are you insane with worry all the time? Bleak with panic? You’ve banged the SSRI’s, you’ve smashed the anti-anxieties, you’ve acupunctured and reflexologised and yoga’d and got incredibly drunk a lot. You’ve prayed and gratituded and meditated and spent your deposit of a flat on therapy. No one can find a reason why you are so belly-twistingly anxious. Now and again you wonder if you can continue. That’s as far as you get along that darkest of paths… but you do wonder.

What don’t you do when you are this anxious? Well you don’t have much sex, you don’t have much joy and you don’t see many friends really because when they ask ‘How are you?’ there is no way to answer.

Here is a directive: get your hormones tested. Calm down, I am not saying you are menopausal although cycles start to shift from the early Thirties onwards. Get your hormones tested because it is just possible that the key to your hideous and heart-icing anxiety is Testosterone.

A more obvious answer would be Progesterone; that most soothing of hormones but, where Progesterone is gentle, Testosterone is dynamic. Unless you self-diagnose, buy it off the internet self-prescribe, it won’t put hairs on your chest. It won’t deepen your voice. It won’t give you big shoulders or an Adam’s apple or a short fuse.

Women need Testosterone just as much as men. They need less but are far more sensitive to its fluctuations. From me to you: get your hormones tested. If your testosterone is low you could be feeling less sleepy, less sluggish, less sexless and less deranged with fear. Give yourself a Christmas present. Give yourself a break for once.

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