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And then the day begins…

So you’ve done the Ocado shop, filled your Matches.com basket with a belt and a party dress (thinking forward to December – you’ll never find a frock once there’s a thing locked down in the diary), made a doctor’s appointment, ironed a thing, put on a wash, noticed that your meditation app is prompting you to refresh yourself for the day and made three cups on coffee, one of which you drank.

Also you’ve texted a friend in need, dropped off a load at the dry cleaners, written three emails that required real craftsmanship and 9 that didn’t. You’ve done a bit of holiday porn and some property porn and read two newsletters and a newspaper (only the good bits) and scheduled three meetings and sent an invoice.

Obviously you’ve washed and dressed and been asked 18 questions and ordered some paint samples and a Zara blazer and bought three presents online and wiped some surfaces and won an imaginary argument in the shower.

You may have had a little panic or a little cry or a burst of joy or a surge of lust or all of the above and there is a funny pulse behind your eye and you have – amazingly – remembered to send a load of receipts to your accountant and a list of five ideas to the marketing/creative/director/boss person.

You book a pedicure, file a complaint to an airline, reboot your phone, download a podcast, investigate how hard it is to make a will online and sew on a button. Then you arrive at the office, and someone has bought in pastries. Which is nice. And someone else says, “Well, this is a cheerful start to the morning.” And you think… start? START? And then the day begins.

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