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All the girls we’ve wanted to be

The adorable mess

Dungarees, hair up in a messy bun held together with a paint brush, possibly a darling little smudge on your nose. But not stinky, or broke. Or hairy.

The one who upped and moved to California

The girl who followed the light and the sun and goes hiking (a.k.a walking) with her wolf-dog every sunrise. And exists on green juice and yoga and is connected spiritually to the universe as well as the bros at Silicon Valley on account of the indispensable app that she helped invent.

The French-ish girl who can just throw on her hot boyfriend’s shirt…

And her hot boyfriend’s trousers. And never has to brush her hair because it’s all short and perfectly curly. She just smudges her eyeliner with her finger and VOILA.

The willowy exec

God you’ve tried and tried and tried with the suits and the really fitted (fuck, I can’t breathe) dresses with the zips and the pencil skirts that you JUST CAN’T WALK IN and the heels DITTO. You have stood and stared at yourself in expensive versions and cheap versions of these things and you are sure that somewhere deep down you’ve got a head for business and a body for sin. It never quite comes off.

The girl who married her childhood sweetheart

You hear about these stories about girls who marry their first love and live happily ever after without all that sticky, messy kiss-tory that most of us mentally wade through at 3am. So pure. So uncynical. Can they really be happy??????

The athletic one

You accidentally watched a documentary about surfer girls or climbing girls and they looked so free and tanned and muscled but not in a ‘made in a London gym’ kind of way. And you did go to a climbing gym and well… maybe it’s time for a new dream.

The human rights lawyer who married a movie star

It could have, should have, would have been you had you taken a tiny different turn way back when.

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