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All the different kinds of annoyed

We have often been pre-annoyed (irritated because you know someone is about to do something GRRRRRR) and often re-annoyed (a flaring up of an ageing mini-grievance). Just sitting there thinking about that conversation about the pay rise in 2011 brings you out in a prickly heat of peeve. But there are many other annoyeds on the spectrum….


You’ve had a really rather calm day. But the demons of displeasure don’t want you to sail off into the sunset. It’s 3am and BOOM: Did you notice that look that Carol from Accounts gave you? And wasn’t Geoff a bit mansplainy in that meeting? There were no good ideas. Or croissants. FUCKERS.


Like a bomb defused. Probably by rosé.


Hardly ever happens. But sometimes you get through the day entirely unaffected by ire and indignation. Last un-annoyed day? Circa 2004. You were probably stoned.


That state of being that occurs when, due to extreme tiredness, you misunderstand something someone says/does/breathes and get arsey about it. You end up having to apologise, which is annoying in itself.


Like an omnishambles of outrage. No specific trigger or target. Just general rage at: the car in front, the lack of parking, the coffee not being strong enough, Line of Duty being finished, the phone not ringing, the phone ringing, your office chair being stolen, the password being forgotten, the bra being uncomfortable, the people being peopley….


The blissful state of shared resentment. You and your partner-in-choler suck on that umbrage like the furies on men’s bones. Over Deliveroo.


Actually is micro-annoyance just your new reality now? Sore but survivable.


Two can play at this game. If they’re going to be annoying then… gnaw on this, sister.

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