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Ain’t nothing going on but the rent

Renting is not a dirty word. It’s easy to think of renting as an unfortunate but necessary blight of the twenty-somethings. But life can be a bit haphazard and let’s focus on the good bits. Broken boilers, leaking roofs, dry rot and other such money pits are a foreign language to renters. When things go wrong, you make a phone call and it gets fixed and paid for by someone else. Most of Europe rents, as does most of New York. Nothing wrong with living like a New Yorker or a Parisian or a Roman. They’re cool. They drink coffee standing up and smoke fags and shout.

Yes, there may be moments at 3am when you find yourself catastrophising with such non-sleep conducive thoughts as, ‘I DON’T OWN ANYTHING, I HAVE NO SECURITY, I WILL END UP ON THE STREETS BECAUSE I AM A MASSIVE FAILURE’. But the reality is, a lot of us couldn’t possibly afford to buy anywhere we’d actually want to live at the moment, so renting is the only alternative and frankly, it’s a pretty good one. Choose to see renting as freedom. You can move anywhere in the world much more easily. You can be a rent-gypsy and roam, having intense, ill-advised affairs in each city, but forming a strong character built on stories gathered from your renting wisdom.

Renting can add a crunchy kind of texture to your every day life and it deserves a better rap. Owning property is amazing. But it’s also heavy.

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