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90s screen dads you wouldn’t say no to

Time was, you thought these guys were aged, fun-vacuuming squares. But the times they are a-changing…

Jim Robinson from Neighbours

You can’t shag a man who allows his son to have such a terrible haircut (Scott Robinson) and who still lives with his mother (Helen Daniels). But Jim Robinson has moved on from Neighbours. He turns up in huge US TV shows these days – The O.C, Lost, Entourage. He was the Vice President in 24 and is now the actual President in Homeland. Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull! He’s in that too! The thought of some Cul-de-Sac-creeping in Ramsay Street now feels infinitely appealing.

Mitch Leery from Dawson’s Creek

“Look at him,” my brother used to say of Dawson’s bouncer-like dad. “He’s such a meat-head, he can’t turn his head independently, his neck is too big. If he wants to face you, he has to turn his whole body.” These days you would want to imagine Mitch Leery taking you in his gigantic arms or letting you sit on his back while he did press-ups.

Tom Selleck, Ted Danson and Steve Guttenberg from Three Men and a Little Lady

Tom first. No, Ted. Steve first and then Ted and finally Tom. Or Ted and Steve together while Tom watched? Or all three together? And then they sing you a song to help you go to sleep?

Robin Williams in Mrs Doubtfire

At least he could make you a decent sandwich afterwards and then empty the dishwasher.

Mufasa from The Lion King

In the realms of ‘cartoons you’re allowed to fancy’, Mufasa is up there. The sensitivity of that man with the baby in the Athena poster, but masculine. Like Chris Hemsworth – but a lion. There is also Bambi’s dad. “I have a thing about stags. Yes, the antlers…” a friend once said of him.

Dr Greene from ER

Of course you would have chosen Doug Ross back in the day. Or Carter with his millions. Or Kovajk with his problems. But Dr Greene with his bald head and his spectacles and his gentle bedside manner… he’d be the one who stuck around. He’d be the one who you could wear no make-up in front of and your worst jumper and he’d still think you were gorgeous. He’d always listen. And he’d probably be really tidy.

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