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16 subject lines that make you hit delete

Do you remember when every email that popped up was as thrilling as a love letter? And every subject line was a heady whiff of the future? God, that was a long time ago. Emails are almost as pressuring as voicemail. Most of us can only really cope with communication and plan-making via text. All those emails – read, unread – congregating in our inboxes are like blackheads clogging up our cyber pores. Really we just want rid. Anyway, here are some of the subject lines bound to make a Midult hit delete.

  1. Join our recipe exchange!
  2. Wedding present ideas
  3. Make your penis grow another two inches
  4. Do you have an ISA?
  5. I need to talk to you
  6. This clip is hilarious!
  7. Just need to pick your brains
  8. A favour!
  9. Hen weekend details
  10. The gift of music
  11. It’s nearly Kilimanjaro 2018 time
  12. How to get beach body ready
  13. This will take five minutes of your time
  14. An accident that wasn’t your fault?
  15. You won’t believe this
  16. Pass this on and good karma will come your way…
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