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16 dating turn-offs

Online dating is always a risk. In fact dating is always a risk. But certain words, phrases, details are to be heeded….

  1. He uses ‘banter’, ‘lol’, ‘genuine’, or ‘down-to-earth’.
  2. He thinks ‘life’s too short’ or ‘is not a dress rehearsal’, he doesn’t ‘take himself too seriously’ but is ‘a fully paid-up member of the human race’, is ‘a glass half-full’ or ‘works hard, plays hard’.
  3. Is the same age as you and looking for a woman between five and 20 years younger than you.
    • No comment.
  4. Wants a woman who is slim, artistic, successful, gentle, intelligent, loving, and, comfortable in her own skin.
    • Totally rules you out.
  5. Loves ‘giving cuddles’.
    • Eeeugh! You’re not a toy or a toddler.
  6. Says his children are the centre of his universe.
    • They are – and they will hate you.
  7. Is vegetarian.
    • Men who don’t eat red meat are not sexy. 
  8. Lists qualities he doesn’t like in others, such as arrogance, selfishness and greed.
  9. Includes shots of himself on a motorbike, on a yacht, in a sports car, kitted out for the Tour de France or as a distant blob in the sky, hang gliding.
    • Something to prove? 
  10. Favourite authors include Rumi, Jack Kerouac, Jeffrey Archer, Wilbur Smith, Paulo Coelho or F. Scott Fitzgerald.
  11. Uses lots of puns or bad jokes.
  12. Describes himself as ‘cosmopolitan’, ‘witty’, ‘urbane’, ‘urban’, ‘old-fashioned’, ‘a gent’, or even a ‘real gentleman’. Looking for ‘that special lady’, as in ‘could it be you?’
    • No. 
  13. Says, “What you see is what you get.”
    • Unlikely.
  14. His profile name is Dom or MisterDom.
  15. Confuses your and you’re, there and their.
    • C U L8er
  16. Calls himself ‘young at heart’ and says age is ‘just a number’.
    • Infantile.
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