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11 things you only know if you were dating in the 90s

  1. You made mix tapes for each other, including that ‘Nobody loves me…’ one by Portishead.
  2. You tried flavoured condoms, just once, for a laugh.
  3. You thought Haagen-Dazs was a fancy pudding for a sexy dinner a deux.
  4. You called each other. On a landline.
  5. You believed what you were told. There was no Google. And a private detective was going too far…usually.
  6. It would have freaked someone out if you DIDN’T have pubic hair.
  7. The only relationship self-help books were The Rules and Men are From Mars, Women are from Venus. Both disastrous.
  8. There was no Netflix and chill. Just shagging.
  9. Everyone thought G-strings were the last word in sexy.
  10. You’d be verbally dumped. Face-to-face, even.
  11. The suggestion of watching porn was highly camp and completely hilarious.
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