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11 girls you probably wanted to be

1. Denise Van Outen

You may not remember this but… focus… she was the coolest girl on the block during The Big Breakfast years. The chat. The legs. The chemistry with Johnny Vaughan. The Essex schtick. And she was dating Jay Kay from Jamiroquai. Who was Chris Martin. But edgier. Much.

2. Lisa Bonet

Remember the Cosby Show spin-off A Different World, where Denise Huxtable goes to college and becomes the world’s coolest, most stunning student? Remember also when she was fired in real life because she got pregnant and ran away with Lenny Kravitz? And for being naked in that creepy Mickey Rourke film? Adore.

3. Sloane from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Imagine being called Sloane. And turning up to school in a white fringed leather jacket and shorts and then bunking off – with no discernible anxiety – to spend the day watching baseball and looking at art. With your boyfriend. Because you had a boyfriend. A boyfriend who was Ferris actual Bueller. Mind-blowing.

4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Adorable AND could scissor-kick a vampire’s head off. Accomplished.

5. Mia Wallace in Pulp Fiction

Rouge Noir and attitude. Beyond.

6. Tiffany from Eastenders

Because we slightly fancied Grant Mitchell. And then she got to snog Hugh Grant in Love Actually.

7. Molly Ringwald

Poor but creative in Pretty in Pink, rich and misunderstood in The Breakfast Club: You covered all bases if you were Molly.

8. Jen from Dawson’s Creek

Troubled in a very manageable way. And we now see that we had really good taste because she turned into Michelle Williams.

9. Helena Bonham-Carter

Only at the very moment she was kissed in that poppy field. Just for then. Because we wanted to be kissed in a poppy field. Still do.

10. Kate Moss

Cooler than you, cooler than anyone you know or will know: wide eyes, the Johnny Depp years, the drugs, the fags, the booze, the Calvin Klein campaigns where she looks like a magical alien wood-nymph, all of it.

11. Kylie

In the 80s we wanted her boyfriend. In the 00s we wanted her arse.

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