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8 ways to…deal with the office sexist

  1. Yawn. And then say, ‘Sorry, I was just having a sex dream about your dad.’
  2. If someone references your period, respond with ‘if I had to bleed every time you said something annoying, I’d be dead by now.’
  3. ‘I was trying to find my way to the kitchen and somehow I ended up in a senior job to you – women have no sense of direction!’
  4. ‘In spite of what everyone else says, I just want you to know that *I* don’t think you’ve got a haircut like a rapist.’
  5. ‘I’m sorry about your penis’
  6. ‘I’m evolved, yes, but nature has not made it so that my breasts can talk – so while we wait for that eventuality, perhaps you’d like to direct your question to my face.’
  7. ‘Does someone need a hug?’
  8. ‘Sorry, is this you being sexy?’
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