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10 signs you really miss the 90s

  1. You call sweets by their proper names. Opal Fruits. Marathons. “Curly Wurlys used to be fudgier, not like the chicken wire covered in chocolate that they are now – who’s with me?” is how you like to open conversation at dinner parties. Might want to wash that down with a Hooch.
  2. You still bust out the dance to Whigfield’s Saturday night when you’ve had too much to drink. You particularly like to try and rally people at weddings to do a group version that you’re hoping will become a YouTube sensation.
  3. You have quite a short haircut that you flick out at the bottom.
  4. Dark brown lipstick is flattering and sultry, actually.
  5. And you never stopped wearing chokers, so, you know, keep up.
  6. You tell girls younger than you that they have no idea what Girl Power actually is or how important it was and what a massive impact it had on you and how it literally was the single most important thing that made you vote for Tony Blair in the 1997 general election because you felt so empowered.
  7. You can’t bring yourself to throw away your rolodex (in case your iPhone breaks), even though all the London phone numbers start 071 or 081 and you now know less than 45% of the people on it.
  8. You keep tweeting Cat Deeley, Ant and Dec to ask if they’d ever get back together to do CD:UK again…
  9. You rarely let the sun set on a day where you haven’t asked someone, “Do you still feel sad about Kurt Cobain dying? Like I do?”
  10. You still say, “Oh look, Mike from Neighbours” whenever you see Guy Pearce in a film or “Oh look, there’s James Bond,” when you see Pearce Brosnan in a film.
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