white orchid, flower, vagina

10 reasons why… I love my vagina

  1. It’s neat.
  2. It’s complicated, like an unmenacing Labyrinth.
  3. To the outside world, it plays its cards close to its chest.
  4. It has 8,000 nerve endings. That’s double the power a man is packing.
  5. Babies can come out of it.
  6. It needs to be convinced of things before it cooperates.
  7. You can give it a muscle work out any time, any place without anyone knowing. On the tube, in a meeting, at a funeral.
  8. It’s discreet. Sometimes you forget it’s there.
  9. If you had to draw a picture of it right now, it probably wouldn’t be very accurate. It is DEEPLY mysterious.
  10. If you displease it, it will shut up shop very quickly.
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