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10 films to watch when you have a hangover

1. The Sound Of Music

Julie Andrews – so pure she can charm the toxins from your very pores. Until her Maria gets it on with Papa Von Trapp that is. But by that point you should be feeling better.

2. Dude, Where’s My Car?

Shit, where IS my car? Dumb amusement and possible helpful memory prompt.

3. Into Great Silence

Sh. Mmmm. Lovely lovely shhhhh. An almost entirely silent portrait of a monastery set in the French Alps. The Carthusian monks took 16 years to grant the director permission to film and he then took 2 ½ years editing it. Perfect for when you absolutely need to keep very, very quiet and very, very still for several hours, so you won’t be sick.

4. Bridget Jones’s Diary

Oddly my husband’s go-to New Year’s Day hangover staple. Which makes him rather endearing even when stinking of last year’s Pol Roger. If you have a husband lying about try it on yours.

5. The Hangover

Obvs. Hit comedy about the after-effects of a drunken, drug-fuelled stag weekend with its finest moments involving a tiger and Mike Tyson. Will make your own drunken, drug-fuelled shame look tame in comparison – hopefully.

6. Pitch Perfect

Fluffier than Heathers, it’s the ‘new’ Mean Girls (another good option – as is Freaky Friday). Witty and fresh yet still not too demanding.

7. Ghostbusters

Because it’s still bloody brilliant. Or anything PG cert from the 1980s – The Goonies, Teen Wolf, Back to the Future. Ooh, or The Princess Bride! Not seen that in ages… Channel your younger, pre-alcoholic self.

8. Withnail & I

Self-loathing, wistfulness and a chance to bellow “I demand to have some BOOZE”. One for when you want to wallow in melancholia up to your armpits.

9. Harry Potter

All of them. Why not? You’re incapable of going anywhere and it will sedate your kids too.

10. Care Bears: The Movie

You’ve gone too far now. Close your eyes and pass out or have a drink.

By Larushka Ivan-Zadeh, @larushka_iz

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