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One of the worst dieting tips we’ve ever heard

Anyone up for a mukbang? This is nothing dirty by the way. Rather it’s the krazy Korean trend of everyone getting together – virtually – and eating their meals in front of a webcam. So it’s not hauling – the art of going to a shop and then filming your ‘haul’ that made Zoella or lest we forget, Chewbacca Mom, famous. It’s not unboxing, the art of going to the Apple store and then filming taking your iPad out of its packaging. Instead this is Social Eating. Literally this: order your Deliveroo smoky bunless Byron burger, log on to an app called Twitch, and then sit and eat with thousands of fellow mukbangers. Imagine. This might mean never having to go out but still having dinner with your friends. Genius or just another way of walling ourselves in? You decide.

Actually there’s another suggestion from our Korean friends, to borrow a Corbynism. And this should absolutely carry a warning, being totally mad and medically-unsound. They are using it as a – deranged – diet aid. So let’s say you are off carbs.  You can log on when you are hungry and watch other people eat pizzas and burgers and ice cream and chocolate and pasta. We are not even joking. Doesn’t this have all the community feel of WeightWatchers yet all of the hideousness of Gwyneth Paltrow telling the world she used to eat naked in front of a mirror, for portion-control? Surely this is both a terrible act of self-loathing and absolutely absurd – you are more likely to want to tear open your computer in attempt to climb in and start munching than feel mysteriously full and satisfied and able to function like a healthy human being. This is not a diet aid so much as a madness aid. Insane in the fatty membrane.

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