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When you resent everyone and everything

What should you do when you are having one of those days where everything everyone does is not only wrong, but also a direct reflection on you? As though everyone you encounter is aiming arrows at your heart, your ego and whichever vital spiritual organ controls your relationship with hope. As though this day/life/world has been delicately architected to hurt and shame you in myriad small ways every instant.

But what have YOU got to worry about? YOU with that roof over your head? YOU with the clean water and warm clothes and friends and job? YOU with good health and a holiday (or two) every year, organic milk in the fridge, merrily zooming – unused – past its sell by date?

No one is saying that this vicious, victim-y thing, this turbo-doormat situation isn’t self-indulgent. No one is saying that the resentments and jealousies and irritations are noble or even justifiable. No one is saying that you shouldn’t just pull yourself the hell together. But, don’t you see, that just makes it worse.

We, at The Midult, have found only one way to neutralise this pathetic scenario. Because ten years of therapy doesn’t seem to have touched the spikey sides. The answer is, as it often is, a sleep. Either the full night-time slumber or just a nap. Remove yourself from consciousness and then re-enter it from a different perspective. Of course this is not fool-proof. Oftentimes you’ll wake up just as filled with loathing and self-pity as you were before. But, according to our not-at-all scientific research, 50% of the time it works. And then life goes on. Until the next time the universe is out to get you…

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