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When you realise you’re a grown-up

Sometimes you look around the room looking for a grown-up, other times you know that grown-up is you because…

  1. You are cooking a recipe, and when it says, ‘Now zest your lime’ you calmly reach into your kitchen drawer for your zester. Which is next to the egg poacher and an array of tongs in different sizes.
  2. You listen to chanting on your noise cancelling headphones so you can drown out the office gossip – you have work to do.
  3. When your accountant emails you to remind you to pay HMRC… and you have already done it.
  4. You give very good relationship advice – all that *experience* is finally coming into play… albeit for other people.
  5. You really care how you smell.
  6. When you hear about terrible things happening in the world, you shrug and say things like, ‘I remember the IRA bombings in London’.
  7. You buy a pair of jeans you definitely bought in 1993.
  8. You tell people to move along inside tube carriages.
  9. You mentally calculate how much time you are going to have to spend walking in heels versus standing in heels versus sitting in heels.
  10. You are often talking to someone on your phone while simultaneously looking for it.
  11. Your laptop is insured.
  12. You re-read all the time. Sometimes this is on purpose, like visiting an old friend. Sometimes it’s just because you’ve forgotten you ever read it in the first place.
  13. You care about lighting in hotels. And lighting in bathrooms. And lighting generally.
  14. You have 40000 bags for life in the boot of your car.
  15. You’ve started holding your phone really far away from you and then slowly bringing it closer.
  16. You see your hairdresser more than you see most friends.
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