what your chocolate bar says about you

What your chocolate says about you

Dark chocolate with sea salt

You don’t sleep. You get anxious about people spilling wine or giving away plotlines on TV shows you haven’t watched yet. You are very good at decorating and terrible at sport. You don’t give a toss about the ‘never put your face in the sun’ rule and you smoke.


You have lived in many, many houses. You get bored very quickly and you cheat at games. You’re a hopeless cook and you don’t remember any details of anything you’ve ever read. A lot of people are in love with you.

Guylian Praline Seashells

You are incredibly tense, but very generous. You like wearing leather and your make-up is always flawless. You are a genuinely bad driver and you still get as drunk as you did when you were fifteen.

Lindt Lindor chocolate balls

You have balls of steel. You have a gift for making insecure people laugh and feel safe, and a habit of picking off your nail varnish. You don’t believe in diets, you can tie a cherry stalk with your tongue and your underwear matches.


Irresponsible with absolutely everything except money.


Your entire life is about planning your next holiday. You are very good at taking photographs and all children are obsessed with you. You always dress inappropriately for the weather.

Fruit & Nut

Everything confuses you. You love football and the missionary position. You are incredibly indecisive; you don’t know if you want fruit, or nuts or chocolate.


Oh, how you love to sing. And you’re so organised. You always begin a list with ‘make a list’ so you immediately have something to tick off.


You are from a big family and you’re used to noise, chaos and being teased until you nearly cry. You are NEVER off your phone and you love sending your friends YouTube videos of laughing babies or surprised cats.

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