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What happens when you are forced to be nice

JK Rowling and Piers Morgan continue to slug it out on Twitter. Donald Trump is ‘busy’ sending endless missives ‘denying’ news stories, which everyone just endlessly retweets giving him loads more free publicity.  Sometimes we want to try an experiment called: ‘Why can’t we all just be friends?’ And also ‘Where’s the referee?’

So it’s interesting to see that, in the bid to make the world a better place, the NBA has banned its players (of basketball, just in case) from trolling opposing teams on Twitter. Last week the organisation released new rules preventing teams from ‘mocking and/or ridiculing’ each other. Who knew that basketball players were so sensitive? So now the teams are just killing each other with kindness.

Take the Sacramento Kings and the Atlanta Hawks who were in the middle of a hotly anticipated court showdown. When one Atlanta player scored against the other team, the Sacramento Twitter feed actually congratulated him on a nice shot and then wished him happy birthday:

INCREDIBLE shot @ATLHawks!!! Happy birthday to Paul Milsap!!!

To which the Hawks responded:

@SacramentoKings Thanks! INCREDIBLE arena you guys have here. First time here… Simply gorgeous.

And the reply:

@ATLHawks You know, we really appreciate Philips Arena [where the Hawks play] too. That organist – just wow. Great touch.

And on it went… With compliments being hurled like knives across the inter web. Yes they were being slam dunk sarcastic. But you know, there is something refreshing about a suspension of out-and-out hostility these days. We’ll take what we can get.

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