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Welcome to Second Bedtime

Getting ready for bed after a particularly exhausting week can almost feel like a religious experience. A bath, a clean face and brushed teeth, the simple but intense pleasure of pyjamas. The TV is off. The laptop is in sleep mode. Your iPhone has been firmly been put on silent. Your bones feel heavy. Your eyelids feel heavy. Now in bed. Cosy. 

Mmmm. Just going to check Instagram quickly. Wait. There’s a picture of Cindy Crawford doing down dog on Malibu beach. You forgot to look up that yoga class for tomorrow morning. Better Google it now. Except, hang on, it’s not formatting on your phone (typical yogis). Could leave it until tomorrow – but your laptop is only next door, isn’t it? Why not just check it otherwise you might forget about it and that would be stupid. And now that you’re up, you might as well put a wash on and set it to delay start for eight hours. Organised.

That yoga class is later than you thought so you better email your friend – and oh look  – you’ve got five new emails and one of them is from your accountant asking for details of the trip you took to Marrakech in May because apparently, you CAN claim for travel expenses, so now you might as well get out your receipts folder and see if you saved anything from all those taxis you took. Except now you’ve opened that cupboard it’s in, it suddenly seems a bit untidy and disorganised so you might as well take the opportunity to take everything off the shelves, sort it out and put it back neatly.

Welcome to second bedtime. The witching hour where your brain and body part ways and you become wildly productive. Yes, you just cost yourself two hours of sleep and will wake up tomorrow morning complaining that you’re exhausted – but when you open that cupboard, a tiny part of you will know it was worth it.

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