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Unleash your inner weirdo

All those years of fitting in or cultivating your own brand of oddity. Decades of proving stuff to yourself and to others. The energy wasted wondering if you were loveable, if you were enough. The box ticking: Professional, ambitious, presentable.

Well, here’s a thought: In a world where ‘road-mapping’, ‘strategy’, ‘curation’ and– terrifyingly someone said this to me the other day – ‘self-perfection’ are the wallpaper to our working lives, let your inner weirdo shine through. She is the difference between you and the next guy. In a good way.

Your inner weirdo is the you who doesn’t care what you think of you. Your inner weirdo is the FREAK inside you who thinks that it’s OK to be you. Who thinks that you’ll do. Who finds it amusing when you are a bit of a dick. Who doesn’t really do social humiliation. Who has a strange take on things and might nudge you to say it out loud.

Your own personal weirdo is the facet of your character that has freely evolved like a work of art. Not for your weirdo the traumas of childhood or the fear-residue of break-ups. The weirdo is fresh, unfettered. You don’t need to look after your weirdo – this isn’t ‘nurture your inner child’ speak. Because your weirdo can look after her damn self. Your weirdo is the part of you that will always be OK so don’t worry about her, just unleash her now and again to show the world some True You colours.

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