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The universe is messing with your love life right now

Venus, the ruler of love, beauty and attraction has just hit retrograde. Which is good news and bad news depending on where you are coming from. The first thing to understand is that Venus in retrograde does not have the same miscommunication or chaotic implications of sinister Mercury. So don’t panic. But, when it comes to les histoires de coeur, astrologers recommend doing… nothing. Until at least mid-April.

This is probably nonsense but, hey, a stopped clock tells the right time at least once a day so some stuff may resonate. And we all know that, when things get bad or restless or desperate, Midults will tend to turn to horoscopes. So here’s what may occur:

Venus may throw an old flame at you in an unexpected ‘fancy seeing you here when I’ve got a spot and my roots need doing and I’m having a definite fat month’ kind of a way. This collision may reconnect you to the old lover or act as closure as in, “Oh God I can’t believe I ever touched your penis.”

If you are in a relationship it may feel particularly wobbly and real differences could come to light but DO NOTHING. Because the thing about Venus in retrograde is that it messes with your perception so you are at risk of making a truly regrettable decision.

The ones who will really feel the upheaval are the Taureans and the Librans who have Venus as their ruling planet. The good news happens on the long game, when Venus in retrograde can prove to be deeply healing and help open your heart to divine love. So that’s nice.

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