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Turns out Botox is an anti-depressant

Oh, how we sneered. Remember? When Botox was introduced in 2002 – oh, how we judged. Tragic, we pronounced. Never, we declared. But that was then, when we knew everything and our skin was made of woven unicorn tears. Now we know that saying never is unwise. Never is like forever. You just don’t know…

Artful Botox is the tool that can take you from weary-looking and joylessly disapproving to fresh and optimistic-looking. An anti-depressant for the face. Turns out, according to recent research, that Botox is an actual anti-depressant. And  *whispers in enchanted ghost story voice* no one knows why…

Marie Claire Australia reported that researchers at the University of Texas-Austin tested the four popular Botox-happiness theories:

1)   Looking good = feeling good

2)   Less scowling means people react more positively

3)   Paralysing frowning muscles blocks sad signals to the brain

4)   Botox somehow flows through your veins into your brain.

Each and every one of these perfectly sensible sounding theories was thoroughly de-bunked. No one knows why Botox makes you happy but it does. In an astounding 9 out of 10 majorly depressed participants.

So, although we judged and mocked (before our faces started falling off), it seems we may now have to face the fact that Botox could help combat a pandemic of misery. Best get some, no? Not because you have a double trench between your eyebrows but because it would be better for everyone if you were a little chirpier, no? Vanity? Nope. Self-Care? That’s the ticket.

The science continues. The research moves on apace. But we are forced to conclude that Botox makes you less depressed because it is…magic.

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