about Worst job you’ve ever had?

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    The Midult

    Selling credit cards at a golf tournament.


    Showing people where to park at a music festival. Shoe modelling. Receptionist at a kids’ casting agency. The list goes on…


    Cooking lunch in a pub when I was 16 on a Saturday. It sounds mad even when I type it. Fry ups, omelattes and cauliflower cheese that never should have seen the light of day.
    This old lady Lucy would randomly shuffle in with bits of bread and leave them on the counter. I still never understood why. That kitchen should have been condemned. The things you do for a tenner as a teen!!!


    Working as a temp in the Men’s Knitwear dept of Harrods during the summer sale; waitressing in a Chinese restaurant where none of the chefs spoke English; manning a fashion concession at Thurrock Lakeside on Xmas eve, when every other company had started their sales except us and then driving 2 hrs home in freezing fog….I’m sure there are more but I’m getting quite depressed now…


    Waitress at Pizza Hut on the corner of Tottenham Court Road many, many years ago as a student during a boiling hot summer and no air con. It used to take me about 2 hours on the night bus to get home. Anyone who got a night bus back in the 90s will know what an ordeal that was alone. It stunk of mouse and rat sh*t because it was riddled with vermin (like every shop and restaurant in central London – never eat there). A family with about 15 kids behaved like utter pigs and were particularly appalling to me as their waitress , the final insult was leaving me something like 23p – all in pennies – as a tip. I cracked. Threw the tip on the floor, took my uniform off on the spot (yup) and walked out. I think I ended up working in Dillons on Gower Street in the anthropology department after that. Also now long gone. Ahh seems like a lifetime ago!

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