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    I constantly worry that I’m not happy enough in my relationship. I could be happier with someone else or that in some way I’m not in love enough or as satisfied as I could be. I’ve had anxiety for years with the worst points being fixated on health anxieties but this seems to be the mental hobby horse for me now. There’s something wrong with my relationship. I married the wrong man. Only I can’t trust my anxious thoughts, because generally speaking they are really very unhelpful. So I’m stuck in a kind of paralysis with how I feel about my marriage and towards my husband. Awful negative thoughts about a great man. Does anyone else have relationship robbing head nonsense??


    hi, I have just signed up to this website so am very new to it. I read your comment and can totally relate to it. I am 41 and have been married to my amazing husband for nearly 13 years but yes, I do occasionally wonder if there is someone better. I am embarrassed to admit this out loud as I love my husband dearly. we have a perfect relationship and he has been so good with me so I get really upset and annoyed at myself for having these thoughts.
    when they do come in ask for a spiritual slap from the angels then I go find my husband, give him a big hug and a kiss to remind myself of my love for him and then focus my energy on something positive. the mind is a strange and very powerful thing and I doubt anyone in the world can ever truly unique understand it.

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