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    Anyone out there made a will? Do I really need to?


    Oh my god I just made mine – and yes, do it! If you die intestate, i.e. without a will, the law decides who gets what!


    And your family is likely to pay more inheritance tax


    See this mandy49251 – https://www.gov.uk/make-will/overview


    How much does it cost?


    Depends but mine cost £300. Think you can download a will online…


    I have written an email of intention – does anyone know if that even counts?


    Make one! We called someone who came to our house


    Yes – buying house with my partner so pretty much essential! Plus I don’t want the kids squabbling after I’m gone!


    Yes you definitely need to – it is one of those boring but necessary tasks. I and husband made ours when our children were small but lately, following the deaths of a few friends, I have been thinking in more detail about how I want my funeral to be, bequeathing of personal possessions etc. and I am wondering if I should take another look at my will – though perhaps simply writing those things down and keeping them safe at home will be sufficient for that…


    Suddenly feel very stressed about this. And yet still unable to do anything about it…


    if the cost is what’s putting you off, there are regular campaigns supported by various charities in which selected solicitors offer free will writing, in the hope that you’ll include one of the charities in your will. But as others have already pointed out, a will is really essential to ensure your assets go where you want.

    Daisy Lou

    Yes, I have. It really is essential as it is an expression of your wishes e.g. who will look after your children, where your money should go etc. It should be updated every few years. 10 years ago my father died without updating his Will and the result was a mess for those left behind to sort out.


    This is on my ‘to do’List this week! In assuming you need to include full disclosure of all financials plus your preference for living arrangements for children ? I’m weirdly scared of putting pen to paper on this


    No, you don’t have to go into details of your financial situation, after all by the time your will is needed that might be very different. You could divide your estate between various people, eg a third to each, or leave set amounts to different people.


    As everyone else above has said – yes yes and yes! It’s also worth checking that your parents wills are up to date too…. http://www.agespace.org/finance-legal/legal-stuff/ – is a good place to find out more information on all midult useful stuff to do (sorry – it’s my website – but keen to share the love with apologies for the shameless plug)….

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