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    Does worry go with being a grown-up? Not that I feel like a grown-up.


    I get that when I lock up the house. ‘I can’t believe it’s my house! That’s so grown-up.’


    I have that weird feeling at parents evenings. Oh my God I’m the parent now. I thought I was just a kid with a salary. Apparently not.


    I thought being an adult was going to mean that I just calmed the fuck down and the world would make sense.


    Okay so yoga helps. It just does. Even though I can’t believe I’ve become this person.


    Yoga might help but smoking the odd joint helps more. Unless you get paranoid, in which case step away.


    Oof, in the end getting stoned just made me so much more anxious. You have to have exactly the right constitution.


    I wish I knew. Honestly, sometimes I wonder if I only really grew up in the last 2-3 years, which incidentally was when anxiety crashed the party. Are we now the generation that shoulders the collective responsibility for the world – is that what it is? Am I reacting to a subliminal message that I am now in charge? Or is it just stress and the feeling of not coping with work, the PTFA, home admin and upkeep, friends, fitness, clean eating and spiritual betterment. (The last two – in my late night Instagram dreams). Is it the flip side of ‘having it all’? The fear of losing it all? I don’t know. I wish my mind didn’t think it was a great idea to wake me regularly at 4am to obsess about it.


    I haven’t slept past 4am in weeks, Bec. It makes life much harder…


    Sure does.


    Sleep was a huge factor when I went through a phase of panic attacks. If I don’t sleep for extended periods EVERYTHING goes wrong

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