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    The Midult

    Because I tried bedtime yoga the other night and got a total of two hours


    THIS! I tried it about two months ago and it has literally changed my life, I am sleeping like a baby and catching up on the years I have lost in sleepless nights due to little people and stress. TRY IT!


    When I struggle to relax of an evening, I use the Mindfulness app. You can download it for free. I find the full body scan relaxes my mind and my muscles.


    What was your sleep solution?


    Here I am, after 3 days in a row working 12 and 13 hour shifts , and another staring at 8 am, and unable to close my eyes. I have a terrible insomnia , any magic tips out there?


    Reading this at 3:02 AM, jet-lagged & raccoon-eyed. Will try the OJ-pink-CoT shake this evening & report back. 💤💤💤


    I’ll follow suit Teresa 🙂 x


    dont have one…….sleep light so I hear everything and anything and then watch the neon clock ticking away the seconds……would love a deep deep sleep.. Here’s wishing


    Quality sleep has eluded me since having kids. Ever try to help your kid with number bonds and times tables when managing on minimal sleep because if not one is up in the night, the other surely is? Like some maniacal game of tag (or tig, as they apparently call it in Yorkshire). I understand why so many of the best teachers at the school are not married and have no kids. That’s the only way to have energy and patience for 30 kids every day. I’m just waiting it out until mine are teenagers. Apparently, they never want to get out of bed then. Supposedly this is a problem, but I’ll hold back on that judgment.


    So to achieve the Sleep Solution: simply wake up on 24th June 2016 to discover that over half the country voted to leave the EU club, spend the following 4.5 months semi sleep deprived as forced to read articles In The vain hope that either the journos or those either they report on or interview will have the Brexit plan up their sleeve . Waiting patiently for HmGov to provide a clear plan, watch from afar with bewilderment, astonishment and a very sick feeling in the stomach as the most unlikely, least qualified individual sails into the White House to take control of a vast and powerful nation we consider one of our closest allies. Once you have swallowed both of these astonishing, deeply unsettling facts, woken yourself every night for 6 months at 3am from a light slumber that has left you with nighttime adrenal fatigue And the feeling that you left your body behind somewhere in September, You will have depleted your body of a decent fully functioning immune system. This 6 month sleep deprivation warm up thereby renders you vulnerable to every virus a child or elderly person has who comes within 5 metres of you. Catch said virus. Though the nasty cold/cough/headache/shivers/temp are an annoyance, you will instantly love your bed and reader, you will sleep! The only catch: you find yourself getting into bed same time as the kids, nuzzling up to your pillow & finally loving the bed covers so much you are unwilling to emerge from below them before 7.30- too late to complete the school run on time. But your need to sleep overcomes everything else- and with sleep you regain your brain, dignity, energy, composure and above all, sense of humour. Go find a virus and nuzzle up to it.

    Lady O.

    Anyone knows if it helps someone with sleep apnea?

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