about what do you listen to?

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    The Midult

    Are you Radio GaGa?


    Listened to Radio 4 since I was 15 as my background noise. (Radio 1 until a few years ago now 6 Music for music fix.)Pretty much whatever’s ever been on radio 4 -love or hate it – I’ve heard it. It’s made me, using the Jack of all Trades analogy, a master of no specific subject whilst being able to bullshit well enough on most things…


    Spotify. My playlist now has approx 329 songs on it. Then get the discover weekly playlist and off you go. It has a cunning algorithm (described on a 6 music program the other night) to extrapolate from your list and lead you off into comfortable but pleasing zones.


    Apple Music, r 6, radio 4, and heart (guilty secret)


    Just bought a new radio for the office and it automatically “tuned” to absolute radio. One week on and it is still there…

    Bike chick

    Youtube party all the way circa 1990s soul and hip hop all the way.
    Am loving missy Elliot she’s a bitch is my work out gym / commute cycle song all the way!

    Oh and dmx give it to ya followed by jump around by the hse of pain

    I can.work out for longer listening to these staples –
    If I had a say a radio station it would be kiss history playing r and b classics with garage thrown it flowers massive dance tune!!🙌🙌🙌🙌

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