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    Anyone got any good recommendations – we really want to hear from you?


    Do pilates instead! Much more dignified: less sticking your bum in the air and no pseduo spiritual nonsense.

    tabitha robertson

    I suggest going to Erika Tourell’s class at The Life Centre in Notting hill on Friday morning. A great way to end the week – lots of deep stretching . Erika also runs brilliant retreats.


    ashtanga yoga is supposed to be amazing…


    there’s a kickass class by a teacher called cat alip-Douglas at sangye yoga (formerly jivamukti) in west London


    I agree with Charlie41; do Pilates. You’ll still be able to tie your own shoelaces at 90, but you’ll no longer have to pretend you are a flower facing the life-giving sun.


    Yoga is infuriating. Too worthy. Too bossy. The teachers are such autocrats: “Only do what feels right for your body but do exactly as I say and I’ll lecture you solidly while you do it.”


    ps. ‘and then I’ll make you chant…’


    I recently enrolled to Fierce Grace City (London) and, 3 weeks in, the change in my body is visible. They have a varied program of different classes, a super-good-value introductory offer and -more importantly- they are dispensing with the oms and chants.


    Check out rocket yoga. I hate all that hippy dippy stuff and I was really lucky to find an amazing teacher the first time I tried yoga at my gym. Rocket yoga is fast flowing, really energizing and makes you soooooooooooooo strong. I think my teacher does a mixture of Ashtanga, Vinyasa flow and rocket. It keeps me sane. Check out: http://www.imi-yoga.co.uk – Imi is an amazing and inspiring teacher.


    YogaRise at the Bussey Building in Peckham is great. Plus you immediately feel quite cool going there, which is nice when the rest of one’s life is pretty uncool 😉


    actually also want to recommend gyrotonic – at golborne studios…


    Read a piece in ES mag a few weeks ago about Tabata? High Intensity Interval Training seems to be all the rave at the mo. HIIT was on Trust Me I’m a Doctor too! Obsessed with that show.


    I agree with all of this and I am a yoga teacher!!?!?!?!

    WAY too much fakery in the yoga scene especially in London, but there is also a lot of good stuff to be got and fun to be had by dabbling in a downward dog. I teach at Yogarise in Peckham where – I think – they manage to hold onto much of what is GREAT about yoga, and lose a lot of what is crap ‘yoga’. So come and give it a go. Try a few teachers, try a few styles; see what works for you 😉 and let it all sort of work itself out…..

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