about That elusive work/life balance

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    The Midult

    Let’s aim for work/life integration..better, no?


    yes please – I love the idea of integration rather than the balance juggle. But I do worry that I am too consumed by the idea that there is the perfect solution. Maybe I need to accept that it’s just going to be messy and that’s ok…


    Does the balance count when you absolutely don’t want to be at work anymore even though you are at the top of your game? I could do my job in half the time and be at home. But the corporate structure means I must be present. It’s a visual thing. I’m planning on leaving and setting up my own business as I can’t cope anymore with the culture of ‘presenteeism’ which is primarily male. Is this what happens to female talent?


    I think there’s probably a lot to be grateful for in this messy and imperfect way of living. Yes you could pursue the ‘self love’ model, but that is an employment in itself – one that is entirely self indulgent and doesn’t allow you to be as available to the ones you love, who are also messy and imperfect. What larks!


    I DO want it all. The glorious family, the fabulous job, the kicking social life. But something has to give, it’s true. I’ve decided, for me, that is baking. Fuck baking.


    Am split – either just be really present, be in the here and now and don’t compare, stick to your values and you and your familie’s needs, unclip from the rat race etc etc OR have it all but dont expect me to cook supper too!


    I’ve always felt that the phrase “work/life balance” is unhelpful. It suggests that work and life are separate and opposing forces. The reality is that, whether we enjoy our work or not, it is an integral part of our life, and not separate from it. It’s important to make sure that we have enough time to do the things we love to do as well as the things we have to do, but “balance” suggests there’s a right and wrong way of doing it. There isn’t….

    Oh, and yeah. Fuck baking. And any kind of cooking from scratch. My favourite five words in the English language are “washed and ready to eat”.

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