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    The Midult

    Condoms? The coil? The ‘let’s hope for the best’?


    My friend used the patch for years before stopping to try for a baby and didn’t have any issues falling pregnant once she stopped using them. On another note, is it just me or does the new super condom look like the gherkin/shard?


    I have this problem. At the moment the 3yo and the 5 month old put paid to much of that nonsense, but on the rare occasion I am not too tired/grumpy/busy, we use a condom. But really? Till I go into menopause? Don’t fancy coil. Can’t take pill. Its a problem….


    I agree Still21 – we used condoms until our daughters were 6 and 4. Now I am on the coil. Not that happy about it. But don’t fancy any of the alternatives either. On the plus side I haven’t had a period since march, which sounds awful to say but is actually rather wonderful…


    My other half offered to get the snip after kid number 3 but I said it was irrelevant because I was staying on contraception that stopped my periods regardless. Bleeding like a stuck pig while it feels like a T-Rex so trying to claw its way out for 8 days…I think I’ll pass.

    Problem is, I’ve done the coil twice. No. Did the injection for well over a decade so shouldn’t really do that any longer and am now on the pill. My periods are coming back. My GP and I need a chat.


    I don’t have PIV sex so I don’t have to worry about contraception. Which is nice. Not so nice: the discussion with a new person about the not having PIV sex.

    @still21inmyhead: Any chance your husband/partner would consider getting the snip?


    I hate being on the pill. I get awful headaches, terrible mood swings, especially low mood and paranoia which is unbearable. I’m on a waiting list for a copper coil.

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