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    Anyone got one? In all seriousness I am feeling emotionally and financially stretched. Do you remember when pay day used to be YIPPPEEE we are off to topshop?


    I have got the most awful ‘Smonday feeling…and no plan b. Not even sure I ever had a Plan A, Stillnopony…


    Just checked my bank balance and it’s 😱


    Good old Lotto still works, I buy a ticket on Friday and give myself a 24h fantasy of having paid the mortgage, helps tremendously to enjoy Friday nights!


    My plan B is my online Biz. Went from a complete technophobe to actually knowing how to create a side income, which at this rate may replace my usual income. Took a bit of training but was actually quite simple as I used a system where the website are pre-made and I just started doing affiliate marketing and then created a second online biz. Takes about 2hrs a day…if I’m really energetic!! Go digital girls, can’t recommend it highly enough 🙂


    OMG. We need to get together over (tax-deductible) coffee and discuss.
    Self-employed, single, aged 38 and buying my first property. This isn’t keeping me awake at night; having a baby is. My best gay friend listened to me tell him how expensive egg-freezing is. Then said… errrr I have all the sperm you need. For free. We have no disease in my family.

    This is serious.

    And so the chance of motherhood, albeit on my own, is suddenly a very real possibility. But you echo my fears.

    Just how are you doing it?


    Go Pixie! As long as you don’t have some kind of gambling problem and are a vaguely intelligent human being, all will be well. There’s always someone richer so I’ve learnt to be happy with my lot. At any rate spending always rises to meet earnings, so no matter how much you earn (up to a point!) you will always feel stretched. I know people who earn £2million per year and are still going down to the wire each month.


    Well it was my house. But I think Brexit might do for that. No pension. No savings. How are we meant to save when things go up and up and up?

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