about How do you feel about people knowing your age?

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    The Midult

    We are 42. That’s all

    Literary lady

    l met my friend when our daughters were babies, thus making it 22 years of friendship and 8 children between us. I can’t recall discussing our ages, we were busy working mothers with similar lifestyles. Recently she celebrated her 50th and l took her out for tea. l mentioned l was next with the Big birthday and she said she would treat me on my 50th… l smiled and said it’s not 50. She looked confused. Yes l am turning 60 soon. l could tell she was embarrased. ‘l thought you were like me’ she exclaimed. I am darling, oh l am.


    Great, because I think I look younger.


    Mostly good, because I feel about 15, even if I don’t look it. Although that changed when a colleague casually asked if I’d been born in the 1960s (I’m 40).


    Bizarrely I was ID’d in Waitrose a while ago buying wine.. I am 41 and have never been so delighted to show my driving licence and prove my age! Assistant was embarrassed at my excited response but I couldn’t have been happier 🙂 My daughter (always a good leveller) asked whether the lady was wearing glasses…


    I assumed that feeling old as a 49yr old woman meant I just needed to get my mojo back. You know, cut down on the red wine, saturated fats and loose a few pounds. So gave myself the “age is only a number” pep talk.
    Then I went for an interview in August. A job I was over qualified for but felt could be more satisfying. However, just before the interview, my future boss said, “I am going to warn you prior to the interview, try not to feel intimidated by the panel” I said “oh really, why?” She then went on to explain that the interviewers were significantly younger than me and even she at 36yrs old felt intimidated by their youth!!!
    Sudden reality check, WTF….


    I am 58, and desperate to do something different, a different job, I look younger but I am worried how I will react to the world of thirty something recruitment agents and gatekeepers who tend to do first pass interviewing.


    I have no problem about saying that I am 40. Finally an even number. Besides, I feel and act young. Therefore I am young!


    How do I feel about people knowing my age? I don’t care about it. I’m just glad I’m still alive. 😉


    I am 42 and feel pretty great so I am not concerned about people knowing my age. I feel like now you can make your own rules when it comes to living your life-moreso than when our mother’s were our age.

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