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    I’m increasingly finding it difficult to know what to wear. Things I would have worn a year ago now feel too young for me and I feel a bit muttony, but I’m also not ready for elasticated waist slacks and a nice slip on comfy shoe, does anyone else find this?


    Yes. I’m completely stuck. My old clothes fit but have started to look either dowdy or tarty and I can’t find anything I want to buy and my body shape is changing. Not fatter, just different. Mores solid. And, actually, it’s making me not want to go out because I don’t have anything I feel good in.


    Me too. I am also uninspired on shopping trips and feel ancient in Top Shop when I go with my daughters. Last year I didn’t feel so bad….it’s just happened, overnight!


    I’ve found I’ve gone from ‘fashionable’ to ‘classic’. Lots of navy and white, plain tops and mute accessories. In other words, boring as hell! But it’s embarrassing when I’ve bought the same top from top shop as my 22 year old niece.


    It does seem to happen overnight, I have to make a concerted effort to avoid M&S classics range (step away from the waterfall cardi). When I go out I am sometimes to be found staring into the middle distance, fantasising about my slippers


    Have a look at finery.co.uk , never forget Zara and Cos plus the odd bit of linen or ines de la fresange piece from uniqlo are your friends. Avoid M and S for everything except lamb kofkas and wear trainers not heels Oh and stop blow drying your hair poker straight.


    I love Finery too and anything Scandi-ish…Also I was reading this weekend about lots of over-35 Instagram bloggers, good for inspiration…


    I am relieved to find that I’m not alone! I bought a maxi dress from H&M one sunny day and thought it would be perfect to wear to my daughter’s 6th birthday party in our garden. But then I looked at the photos my husband took and was absolutely appalled! What was I thinking? I’m afraid I’m so vain/horrified by my appearance that I barely see my lovely daughter in the photos, I just see myself wearing something ill-fitting because I just look wrong in it. (It doesn’t help that I’m always hunched over tending to little ones in the photos!) I never know what to wear in the warmer months anyway, I’m much more comfortable in jeans and layers of sweaters. But now that I suddenly am lost in age-bracket-limbo, my wardrobe is even less helpful.


    I solve that problem by dressing like a curvy Goth all year round. I’m 40, and I regret nothing.


    For me it’s all about the arms. The fucking arms


    The ability to just grab something quickly off the shelf in a high street shop is gone. I have to try everything on and will often deliberate for some time. Which is probably a good thing as I also find that I have to buy better qualify – and hence more expensive- clothes. On the plus side, I feel that I have NOW found my style and don’t follow the millenial trends. Oh and Finery.com – amazing!


    I’m a personal stylist – I live in the States but I work remotely and travel…just wanted to leave you with some info in the event you needed some help with your wardrobes – because you ladies are NOT alone in feeling stuck.

    instagram: @stylebycandace


    Neither! We are all individuals and should dress as we feel, age is just a number, it’s how you feel inside that counts. You can’t judge a book by its cover and you can’t judge a woman by how she dresses, a man, yes, they are too obvious ! I am 51, yes, my days of mini skirts are gone but, if I want to wear ripped boyfriend jeans yanked in with a belt and a long sleeved t shirt or a boxy sweater, then so be it. I wore suits for 20 years at work because that was what a successful, professional woman did to fit in with the men, I suppose. But, now, I run my own business, I have two teenage sons, who, I admit do occasionally look at their mother with raised eyebrows especially if I wear makeup ! But, they now understand it’s what is inside the clothes that counts not how many hundreds of pounds worth of gear you are wearing ! Mind you, with the joys of tkmaxx you can wear hundreds of pounds worth, you just don’t pay that much for them ! Happy days !!


    I just found this: One of the first recorded uses of “mutton dressed as lamb” was to praise, not ridicule, hot older women. The phrase is attributed in a lady’s journal of 1811 to the future king of England George IV, who, when still a prince, was asked at a ball if he found a particular girl pretty. He snorted with derision: “Girl! Girls are not to my taste. I don’t like lamb; but mutton dressed like lamb!”


    Oh I feel your pain! I am the most unstylish person I’ve ever met, I seem to have adopted these big round shoulders, my boobs have got bigger and my legs thinner! I look very mumsie, I find myself wearing Joules & Boden and feeling stuck in a mid life rut. Will take a look at finery for some inspiration, thank you!

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