about I hate meal planning! And cooking! And tidying!

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    Mrs Modd

    I wonder why people have children. It sounds shit.


    Oh this resonates with me so much! I have 2 kids who I’d take a bullet for, but I feel exactly the same about meal planning, washing and tidying up!! Does it ever end!!? The weekly grocery shop with the both of them drives me bonkers… it totally tests my patience. My horses are largely unridden as-well and I just have to keep telling myself “my time will come” and “I am where I am meant to be right now”. I’m not sure if I’d change any of it as I know it will probably be soon enough that they will be off doing there own thing and I’ll wonder where on earth the time went. At the moment though, I feel in the thick of it with broken sleep and the never ending housework that needs to be done ( I only try to do what really needs to be done).they tell me the days are long and the years are short so I just keep reminding myself of this Xx


    Argh. I used to be free. I went out. I got on planes with 24hr notice. I galloped around on horses a LOT. I went to epic parties. Now I have two children (who obviously I love) but I don’t like the flip side of hours of tedious weekly meal planning (I’m rural so just nipping to the shop on a daily basis is out), endless cooking, endless washing and tidying. The horses go largely unridden. It just feels sooo…. banal. And I feel guilty for moaning because apparently I’m supposed to be cherishing every moment….

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