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    The Midult

    Last night I had a sex dream about the doorman at my office and now I am constantly popping down to check if any ‘deliveries’ have arrived..


    We’re really lucky. No one can see what goes on in the mind!!! Fantasies are fine but sometimes you need to keep them that way 👍


    I had the most disturbing dream about the cast of Peaky Blinders last night…*blushesfuriously*


    It has taken me the best part of a year to get over a midiotic crush who came back from the cold. Keep well away…


    Slightly depressing when you realise that you probably have pants older than that the cute young guy at work, or worse, could have given birth to him

    Bike chick

    Look but don’t touch i guess
    David gandy is a FOX!!!


    I think with work it’s fine to window shop but don’t fog the glass. It’s also good to remember that fantasies can very well be totally different to what a person is actually like, and that’s the reality I hang on to when a crush on a particular person just isn’t a good idea all round.

    Bike chick

    True 😊😊 but we can dream to liven up this dreary existence


    Haha absofuckinglutely!

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