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    The Midult

    Meditate? Medicate? How do you cope?


    Sweaty sweaty Crossfit. Hedonistic music festivals.


    I use Linseed Tea – absolute miracle…3 cups a day between meals. Been using it for years (am a nutritionist) It works! Recipe here: http://rebuildyourhealthreclaimyourlife.com/2016/02/12/my-little-miracle/


    Swimming, meditating, god I hate myself right now..


    By seeing a therapist!


    amen to that


    Diffuse myself from anxiety-inducing situations. But! It didn’t when someone I care about looked slightly similar to my abuser. Also! Cut bad apples from my life, like if the man I confided in breached the reason I had an anxiety attack at my last lost job. Unfair.


    I make lists. Lists are my way of coping with the stresses of life.

    Also, chocolate.

    Also, having a good bitch with my friends over either caffeinated or alcohol-containing drinks.

    Also, taking the dogs for long walks. People say ‘I like to connect with nature’ and I think it sounds a bit dorky, but really it does help. If you have the time to do it, that is.


    I’m a list person as well. Love ticking stuff OFF. And I do yoga. And walk my dog. So, surprised in doctors office this morning to be told the ‘flu’ I thought I had was in fact stress and not flu at all. Waahh, how do I de-stress from the stress of being told I’m stressed? More chocolate? Or just maybe there are times in your life when it is stressful and you have to ride the wave and accept. I started by Just Eating Lunch. Not reading while eating, not writing another list. Just eating, watching the rain. Felt a bit better.


    Hi Joanna, this video gave me a whole new perspective on stress https://www.ted.com/talks/kelly_mcgonigal_how_to_make_stress_your_friend

    And yes, chocolate and Just Eating Lunch (or Just Having a Soak in the Tub or Just Making a Cake for the Hell of It etc…) Enjoy!


    Hi Nell, Thank you so much for the link, this video is really thought provoking. I love the idea that stress is something you can use to aid you, and that your body’s response can be changed by your own mindset towards it.
    Off to Just do The Ironing while Just Drinking Wine…


    I have also started doing meditation. As last year one of my close relatives was going through anxiety and depression, she was suffering very badly. At that point someone suggested her to do regular meditation and along with it take some consultations from here http://www.martine-voyance.com/consultation/. It truly helps her a lot. After watching her me and my family also started doing the meditations. So that in future we would not experience any mental issues.

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