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    The Midult

    We like to lie down in the Midult HQ garden and look at the sky. Sometimes even when it’s raining…


    Love the sky. So many possibilities. From dawn til dusk and through the night…go into the garden Maud.


    I’m not. 24-hour rolling news and an addiction to Twitter isn’t helping.


    What? I’m supposed to actually COPE, on top of everything else?!


    A bit overwhelmed. And the weather is not HELPING


    Managed to cope with joining your Midult forum. Just. Still running on IOS 7 – as an older adult would – and the tech is so sloooooow… Chuckling to myself tho’ – as wondering whether I now have to admit to being a “Midulton”… Surely not?


    Not great. Feeling extremely overwhelmed and rabbit in headlights like.


    Not great,two weeks away from launching a new venture and my business partner has the wobbles! The thought of going alone is so overwhelming that sometimes I feel as if I can’t breathe!


    A million things running on a treadmill in my head.


    5 Adult children, all with their own adult struggles which they still dump at my door, cause I’m the “mum”- I’m will just one person struggling with my own stuff! HELP!!!! Pass the oxygen mask!


    Not good. I wake up every morning (assuming I actually got any sleep) with this pain of anxiety in my stomach. It feels as though I am carrying it with me whenever I am awake.


    Mooching along in my tortoise like way. Constantly tired and headachey even if I’ve slept well. Always telling myself I’ll walk the dogs more/do yoga in an attempt to get some energy.
    Generally happy though and very lucky to have a lovely family. Although kids growing too fast!
    We all walk around saying ‘fine’ when asked how we are but under the surface so many of us are struggling.


    Just……shit year and I’m tired coping. Husband since retiring has become bloody needy and makes a drama out of any incident😠 Can’t do dramas anymore nor can I be bothered with his grumpiness or trailing about the house in his slippers barely lifting his feet. Sometimes I think all he needs is a carer….someone to cook, wash his clothes, iron, pay the bills, sort out everything. its like having another kid in the house…he’s replaced them but it’s not funny. How do I feel…….done looking after people!!! Done considering other people’s feelings as no one seems to care about me and my needs. Angry I guess! But really tired. There….rant over😏


    God, on facebook yesterday, asked what miracle we would like him to work today. As he was going to launch a zombie invasion. I asked him to just do it in the White House please, and several others said we would need to include congress also. That’s how I cope at the moment, imagining comic book catastrophe and trying not to get angry.


    Permanently exhausted


    In my brain i feel 30 not 40 but feel betrayed by my body. Can’t even indulge in BBQ and hard gardening without feeling rough in the night. So 50% great 50% bleeeh.


    Middling. Had a great weekend and now ache all over in an I’ll way. Being ill just makes me frustrated as I have so many plans. My house has been neglected whilst I worked and worked and now it was houses turn 😫. Grumpy and teary for no apparent reason and feeling a bit bereft. But like ur article says who notices???

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