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    Yes, everything’s going wrong when it comes to call centres, receiving deliveries and responsiveness of businesses. I see my oncologist on the 21st so let’s hope she ushers in the 22nd with good news, such as no need for any more chemo!


    Can’t sleep, poured bath oil over my hair mistaking it for shampoo in the shower this morning (I mean – how?!), got on the wrong train heading into work, the M&S ran out of butter croissants. Argh! I hate you Mercury.
    P.S. Good luck for 22nd Caitlin! X


    How long is it since Mercury first went retrograde this time around? I am in job hell, stressed beyond my limits and am losing the will to live – seriously, it’s draining away slowly a bit more every day. Miserable. And it’s been like this all year so far! Of course, I’ll be 51 soon, so menopause is no doubt involved. But I’d LOVE to think it will all be better in time for my birthday at the end of the month. Come back Mercury, all is forgiven!

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