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    The Midult

    I’m not hearing the siren song of Warcraft. Love & Friendship however….ps did anyone see Kate Beckinsale’s iron vagina/chocolate-between-the-buttocks riff on Graham Norton?


    Love & Friendship : go see it!! Jane Austen for midults. Fabulously witty bitchiness and a reminder there’s more to Kate Beckinsale than slaying vampires with her iron vagina.

    The General

    I can’t decide if I love Susan Sarandon or not. Is she a feminist icon or just as crazy actress who likes to flash her boobs around?


    The Secret Life of Bees because when Queen Latifah smiles, I wish she’d have been my mother.

    Bonneville: because Sally Fields, Sally Fields, Sally Fields.

    Big Fish : a masterclass in both forgiving your parents and being reminded that they too had marvellous, BIG lives before we came along. And ALBERT FINNEY ffs. *crushes*

    The September Issue: because when the VT rolls and models walks to ‘Destroy Everything You Touch’, my pulse revs and I want to STRUT.

    Almost Famous: that music is OURS. And because I once blew a rock star (BF- before feminism obvs)

    Julie & Julia: because when she cries and holds her husband when she receives news of her sisters pregnancy, it’s a template for everything great about marriage and everything unfair about life.



    Loved Love & Friendship. Tinder dry comedy.

    Midult viewing? The Graduate, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, Body Heat, The Apartment, Begin Again, Sing Street. Adult dialogue, music for us, and a sense of agelessness.


    Sorry, but LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED is Danish not Swedish 😉

    The Midult

    Thanks so much. Sorted. Love, The Midults


    Now it’s out on BluRay, and the eldest got it for Christmas, I’ll need to watch Warcraft. Stuff we’very both watched is one of the few things we have in common these days! Teenage boys: safe conversation topics. (Not politics)


    Game of Thrones – fabulous story telling. Cold Feet series 6, funny, wry, full of pathos, MADMEN the progress or not of American politics and lifestyle writ large


    I watching Game of Thrones for the first time currently. Just started Season 3. Gives me something else to discuss with eldest!


    Masterchef…what else? absolutely addicted to it, although now feeling a little uncomfortable at the BBC obsession with Chefs, and food only they can afford on our hard earned Licence fees….

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