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    The Midult

    I can remember old shit not new shit, e.g. I remember the date I lost my virginity but no idea where I parked the car


    I’m literally my mother – I mix up my husband and son’s names constantly, and when I was growing up in Glasgow she’d call me by our cat’s name (Hamish) all the time. Other stuff I don’t remember: past boyfriends’ names, dates, birthdays, the list goes on…


    I don’t remember anything, ever: names, faces, dates, times, playdates, my dates… I’ve even tried soduko, although I don’t actually see how numbers will help me remember my husband’s colleague’s name…


    Since having a child and running my own business, I seem to constantly lose the thread- exciting my neurones sounds like the way forward or would relaxation help also- any ideas midulters!?! Reassured already by your presence- thank you x


    I literally can’t remember the useful the thing I was about to say. Oh God.


    It’s so good to know I’m not the only one. Sometimes I don’t join in a conversation for fear of saying something completely random! Vague is a good word to describe it!


    I’d definitely like to forget this episode of Top Gear…


    Not a single password despite trying always to use same. Flight numbers when I am trying to fill in immigration cards. How to get home


    Did you know that once you get even peri-menopausal that the changes in your oestrogen levels are enough to effect your dopamine levels? Why would you want to know? Because dopamine, “helps to regulate the efficient transmission of information within the brain and body”.

    This means we’re all stuffed. Hooray for menopause.


    Remember the stuff I don’t need to remember particularly at 3am, favourite time to wake and worry about stuff I can’t remember when I wake up again, not remembering that I have been back to sleep ! It’s an age thing I think, though stress doesn’t help you, except you worry so much, that when something strange or bad happens you can deal with it immediately and effectively but, then tell me why you can’t deal with your own worries that your mind makes into huge mountains as effectively as a real problem, any answer or suggestion would be great ????


    Congratulations, SJ, you have anticipatory anxiety!

    You worry about what might go wrong (anticipating) but when it genuinely all hits the fan, you’re fine. You could try speaking to Anxiety UK; they are well informed and very understanding people!

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