about Do you dread going out?

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    The Midult

    The tiredness, the getting ready, the tiredness…


    I just dread having to mingle with people……sincerely….I prefer to be on my own and let everyone else go out and enjoy themselves. Don’t mind the odd concert of someone I enjoy listening to but my other half likes just about anyone and buys 2 tickets everytime. Sometimes I go….sometimes I dont. I just want left alone or do my own thing…alone. Going out can be a bore….dressing up etc. No…not for me……early bed with a good book is more desirable…..:)


    but dressing up is one of the best parts of going out. In the past I’ve has boyfriends who’ve tried to rush me out of the house with no chance to put makeup on/do my hair/ change, and my reaction has been why, what for? Currently I’m single so can spend as long as I want getting ready.


    Increasingly I’d rather hibernate, throwing the occasional pot luck dinner for friends and having soirées when the mood dictates. Sold my flat for a 3 bed semi with a large garden and I’ve become Ms homebody amateur gardener. I deleted my Facebook account, being more of an introvert by nature, and am much happier, in spite of going through brain cancer treatment (successfully). I love sprawling, sleeping, reading, organic gardening and cooking and my cat. Hibernation is where it’s at now after a decade of spending thousands in bars and cafes…


    Hibernating is the way for me too. I do dread going out and feel as if I have been robbed of precious time when I have to. Ok during the day but evenings are mine! I spend so much time with other people and just want to switch off and potter in the evenings

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