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    I think it’s important to provide a balance to this list of frankly overpaid lawyers ( however good they may be).
    Having gone through an acrimonious divorce the last 2.5 years ( yet to be completed) at great expense, it would be useful more to raise a campaign highlighting the difficulties many women find themselves in during this horrific process.

    I know few Midults that haven’t compromised their careers in some way for family over the years. This process leaves us financial vulnerable with enormous legal bills ( that frankly could be spent on better things), having to rebuild a career whilst bearing the brunt of ensuring their children’s wellbeing during this difficult time.
    The British divorce system is fundamentally flawed and costs an obscene amount of money where there are no winners ultimately.

    Fees to date £40k and counting. I struggle with the moral aspect of this and have learnt that one person can not be accountable for another’s actions, it takes two people to want to divorce ‘well’, in the mean time lawyers charge obscene amounts of money, in 15 minute blocks, and capitalise fully on this discord. I find this morally obscene.


    Just whole heartedly want to recommend my own lawyer – Ruth James at Pennington’s Manches in Oxford…..just wonderful, wry, witty, kind, funny, realistic…and even managed to handle my feisty father in addition to my ex….
    Plus I was at Oxford with Claire Gordon who has embodied controlled, kind elegance from the age of 18….
    Hope this topic helps women mired in the excruciating agonies of divorce.


    James Belderbos
    Bird Belderbos and Mee


    My divorce finally came through last year and I used a mid-level associate, Laura Geraghty at Levison Meltzer Piggot, a City-based family law specialist. Her hourly rate is ridiculously cheap compared to all those in the list above. She was compassionate, pragmatic and responsive, and together with my barrister, Amy Kisser, we made a great team. I’m a solicitor myself so I know what it’s like to instruct lawyers, although it’s very different when the dispute is your own.


    I used Christine Plews for my divorce and she was brilliant. Very calm, very efficient, in direct contrast to the solicitor that my Ex used. She’s the head of the Family Law division at Blake Morgan based in Oxford and Southampton and she’s literally the go-to person for divorce in Oxford.


    Robert Hush is the best person to talk to when it comes to divorce… he explain clearly with no jargon and is genuinely friendly to talk too, funny and realistic Specialists in complex and high value cases, international divorce, family issues, complex divorces
    I cant recommend him enough!

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