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    I’m re-training and can’t seem to cope with the academic deadlines at all. I ruin everything for my family, I’m completely self-punishing and I feel hopeless and pathetic. Does anyone else make things unmanageable for themselves? At end of tether.


    Your best gift to you and your family will be the investment in yourself! Devolve the family management stuff a bit, and drop a few things that DONT matter. They will be proud of what you are doing. You should be proud too. Keep going. Just did it as well, family couldn’t be prouder.


    It’s hard starting to relearn how to learn. I tell my students to put aside time early morning or when kids gone to bed try do it x3/4 week then no ones time is taken up. Enjoy and get the family to help out. Good luck


    I have such guilt over dedicating time to learning and career at cost of time with my family. The worst thing is it’s entirely self-inflicted – husband v supportive! I think looking at the big picture helps. Also, completely agree about delegating where possible. It didn’t come naturally to me at first but has made things much easier. Lastly, you are definitely NOT ruining anything for your family Gabriella – I bet they are so proud of you!


    I’m the same! I don’t seem to have matured since my first time being a student. I still leave everything until the last minute and then have a meltdown. I’m on a career break from my job and should have time to study when the kids are in school in the morning but keep finding excuses and other things to do like walking the dogs, cleaning the house etc.
    If you’re like me, you’ll get it done eventually so just wait until you’re in the mood and then really blitz it. You can get so much done in an hour when your head is in the right space. Good luck!


    Thank you, fellow midults, for all of your replies. This is the first time that I have joined a forum and it feels brilliant to hear your reassurance and know that others can identify with my anxiety and situation. I have a very supportive husband and friends but I just keep falling into this trap. It is so exhausting and destructive. I take heart from your words and will get back to my paper (after I have cleaned the kitchen, hung out the washing and made fifteen cups of tea…!). By the way, isn’t this midult thing amazing? So needed …and very exciting.

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