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    I recently started seeing a widower (his wife passed one year ago today). He has a young daughter of 5. We get on really well and he is a lovely man. I have gone into this with my eyes wide open and am helping him work through is grief. However, it is obviously a very unusual situation to be in and I wondered if any of you have been or are in my shoes and could offer some insight/ advice/support. Many thanks!


    No experience but it must be tricky. And just playing devil’s advocate – might a year be a bit soon for him?


    You are obviously meant to be with him right now. Maybe you are the one to help him through his grief and then this relationship will come to an end. Or, it could turn into something deeper and long term. Enjoy your time with him, be there for his daughter and most importantly, make sure YOU are enjoying your time together, otherwise what’s the point? All relationships take work, this one just has something extra. Ask him about his wife, what happened, what things did they enjoy doing together and create your own special moments the two of you can share. It’s a difficult time and you have taken a lot on board. Be patient, open a bottle of wine together and tell him how you feel. Good luck xxx

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