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    Hey Everyone, is anyone else in my position? I’m 37, woke up one morning and thought “how the eff did I get here?”.

    I’m in a job that doesn’t fullfill me and earlier this year I sat myself in my room and gave myself a good talking to about what does and doesn’t make me happy, and how I see my life in 5,10+ years time and it definitely wasn’t in my boring sales job.

    I’ve explored other careers and in December this year I” leaving my job to train in a new career (web development) in an intensive 12 week book camp and cannot wait to hand my notice in at work.

    Has anyone else been in a similar position?



    Hi Emma,
    Just wanted to say I think its fantastic that you are training in a new career. I wish I had the balls or any idea what I wanted to do so I could make a move too. Good luck!

    Bike chick

    Oh God in I’m in the wrong place
    Nothing in this box is applicable to career.
    I was trying to reply to the boys we probably loved
    Yes John bender, Keanu Reeves, river Phoenix, will Smith, some no most of the cast of lost boys, and Melrose place cast 😀

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