about Can someone please explain Peri-Menopause?

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    I’m still getting regular periods (I’m 46) but things are different… moods, sleep, weight. Ugh so depressing.


    Peri-menopause is a really odd time. You just feel mad and doom-laden.
    Def worth going to hormone doc.


    I have acupuncture every month. It’s always worked for hormone-related stuff for me (fertility, pmt) but nothing else! It seems to keep the panic at bay and help me sleep.


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    Can anyone recommend a hormone doc in London?


    Peri-menopause is basically when you stop feeling like yourself and start feeling like someone else. Someone a bit angrier and less sexual.


    Peri-menopause feels a bit like being pregnant. Without the radiance.


    Just talk about it to other women. Otherwise it’s so isolating and scary and shaming. See it as the pathway towards being free from the tyranny of hormones! You’re about to hit your prime!!!!


    I’m 46 nearly 47 and yep think it’s that time for me. Slightly angry irrationally and odd periods. Feeling suddenly old – like I never have before. My 2 sisters are the same age as me and feel the same. Ageing can be depressing but I’m trying to be positive. I’m healthy, I’m happy and have plenty to be positive about. Best bit I’m female and have great female chums I can talk about anything and everything to when I need to. Hope you have someone to talk to too – works wonders on glum days. X

    Molly Jane

    Oh god this is me too. 45, tired, can’t be bothered with anything, angry, oddly rebellious, bloated with the sorest boobs in the world this week. My dad has cancer and I’m doing all I can to help – but other than him, I don’t give a monkeys about anything. Except work – I can do work.


    I am nearly 42 and I wake up drenched in sweat. Mostly breast sweat (nice). Is this the beginning of the peri?


    Good article in today’s Sunday Times Style Mag abaout this – Prof John Studd in London recommended but no actual contact details. Article is called “Go Tiger” by Nicola Gill


    Best thing I have done that really helps..lose any additional pounds, eat the best quality food, walk everywhere and get plenty of sleep even it that means sleeping in your own room :). Get out and talk to your friends, laugh as much as you can. I also have reflexology every two weeks and practice self hypnosis. i know it sounds like a lot of stuff but it does help me feel better and be a better person for my family!


    Hi there, I’ve only just seen this thread so sorry for the late reply… Lots of good advice in the thread for the peri-menopause, but as someone out the other side of the menopause… you can take control of it yourself. Believe me you can. Do not listen to the doom-mongerers about who and what you turn into. You are still you, the wonderful person you have always been. I faced my menopause following being dumped by my husband, so felt very alone. So here is my ‘to do’ list… 1. Read the Wisdom of the Menopause by Christiane Northrup, an American women’s doctor – she gets it having been through it, 2. Do really sweaty exercise at least 3 times a week to help you cut down on night/other time of day sweats (this really, really works – you then own when and how you sweat), 3. Take a magnesium supplement in the evening – a natural sleep inducer, it also takes away the odd aches you can get in your muscles and joints (and if it is just a placebo – fine, but it works), 4. Understand that your libido does not die back – unless you want it to. Mine ebbs and flows, but if I use it, boy! is it glad to be back, and there with a vengeance. 5. As others have said on here, eat well and be kind to yourself 6. But understand that you are about to enter the most creative, inventive, amazing phase of your life – you will be able to do more shit, understand more about the universe, see how the world works than almost anyone else here because now is the time that you can harvest all the years of ‘investment’ in understanding people, children, work and so on. Why else are we seeing so many older women in leading roles? You are on the cusp of that now too. So don’t allow the menopause to own you – take control of it and work out who you want to be in this next rich phase of your life. Because believe me – that is what awaits you! (I am now 57 but didn’t really start the menopause until about 55.)

    Sara C

    Completely agree with EVERYTHING LivingforNow said, starting with the Christiane Northrup book which makes you realise you are not alone or odd. It’s my bible. For magnesium, my personal preference is a spray, sprayed on my feet, it does help with sleep!!!
    Finally, I have slowly accepted that until I am out the other side, I will have bad days and better days – and try to be kind to myself, as my natural response is to criticise ( what is wrong with me, why can’t I remember/think/do… Etc etc). There are great pearls of wisdom in the aforementioned book, so keep dipping into it. Good luck!

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