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    The Midult

    We’d love to hear about any fertility specialists that you’d recommend, or any of your stories…


    I’ve been told the London Women’s Clinic is really good for an initial fertility check but I am 37 and am terrified of what they might tell me. I’m too scared to make the appointment…

    Bike chick

    I’m 40 and have not thought about the procedure but after reading this i Will look into checking it out!


    36, one recent miscarriage, advised to get Amh test after going down the private route – reckoned no point delaying things ‘at this age’!


    I plucked up the courage at 39 to go for a fertility test at Create. Was terrified that I might not like the result but figured I’d rather know than plan my life around something that might not be possible. Was very lucky to be told I have above average number of follicles and AMH good but need to get ‘cracking’.


    It’s a hard thing to hear and I understand why you would be scared about it but remember if you are going to a fertility specialist they are unlikely to tell you there is no chance. We looked into a lot of London clinics and they are all about the money-making side of things. It was all very impersonal so we went a bit further afield and travelled to The Agora in Hove. Well worth it. We now have a ten month old son. We tried for four years before getting successful and I am so glad that we were with them. We felt properly looked after and knew we were getting the best advice and care possible.


    I was checked at 36 and 38 and decided to try to have a child by myself at 39. Knowledge means choice i guess. It worked and here we are… I would advise any women to arm herself with this knowledge.


    I’m 31 but haven’t had a period since stopping the pill 18 months ago…Tricky because I am not planning a family just yet but do want to take take responsibility for my fertility. Doctors so far have suggested it isn’t a problem until I want children and that I should come back for help then. I’ve had the scan and the blood tests but if you don’t ovulate it’s hard to get a conclusive answer. I think if a natural process in your body stops happening it should be a priority to help fix it regardless of if you want children now or later


    Im 42 and single and would like to look into going it alone. Im finding it a bit daunting as to where to start and both my GP and a private ‘womans health’ consultant I saw last year at the Nuffield have been pretty useless in providing advice on fertility or offering any recommendations for private consultancies. Iv been told there is nothing available via the NHS and so privately is the way to go. Any useful information would greatly recieved.


    I am a 36 year old singleton and have been on the Eggscalator since June 2016. It has been a long process; difficulties having the coil removed, waiting for periods to settle, medication mess ups from the UK pharmacy etc etc. I am now hoping to have the process of egg freezing completed by the end of April. My best advise is to do your research. When they say a 67% chance of pregnancy, it is more like a 34% chance. The 67% is based on the egg being fertilized prior to freezing (I only found this out 1 week ago!). I have accepted this is a process offering some security for my future, it is not a guarantee. The prices vary and there are always extras they do not tell you about. I have elected to have my procedure done in Spain. I will eventually be using a sperm donor and Spain still offer anonymity to the donor (a debate in itself!). I listened to an interesting program today on BBC Radio 4 called The Great Egg Freeze (20/03/17 at 11:00); you may be able to get it on podcast. Good luck fellow midults.

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