about Are you addicted to your smartphone?

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    The Midult

    It’s like jumping out of your life for a moment isn’t it?


    It is a genuine problem. My 3 yo son tells me to put my phone down and talk to him. Awkward….


    The addiction comes in waves. And right now the wave is total attachment to everything ‘screen’, for obvs reasons. We are the information culture…But then, where would we be without the voice that the hand held device has given us? Back to middled aged, over educated, over indulged, over PRed Westminster bods. No thanks. It’s a kind of interconnected liberation that has dealt us the chance to speak up and campaign and see things change. People are reclaiming power and the smartphone has helped us do it. I HEART my iPhone


    yes. yes and yes. On it right now, talking to the Midult, not doing story time


    Definitely. I keep checking in. Constantly. But at the same time it’s been a lifeline. So I heart my phone too…

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